Ollin Morales, on why “show, don’t tell” often confuses writers:

See “show, don’t tell” reminds us of “show and tell” and the days when we used to bring lady bugs trapped in an aspiring bottle to the classroom…

Your job as a writer is to go where the reader can’t, and then report what you saw back to the reader. For instance, you’ve never been to Middle Earth, but if you’ve ever read Lord of The Rings you could have sworn that Tolkien had actually been there.

Forget show and tell. That’s for kindergartens. Observe and report instead.

A good way to rethink “classic” writing advice.

“Observe and report” is also a good approach to blogging, I think. My favorite blogs tend to have less theorizing and abstraction and more examples from the blogger’s actual life experiences.

Not that abstraction is always bad, of course. It’s just often less interesting than things that actually happened.