Artist John T. Unger, on the brevity and usefulness of Twitter:

Twitter’s largely my notebook for ideas. I get them down, see some feedback and save them for later development when I have the time to actually write or work the ideas into new projects. The brevity constraint forces me to take complex ideas down to the bare bones … Twitter has changed the way I use language and the way I thinkā€¦ there’s a constant editing loop now in my head that says “how can I make this simpler and shorter without leaving it open to misinterpretation.”

That’s the trick with all kinds of writing: to condense an idea, strip out all the hmming and hawing, all the wordiness – without sacrificing clarity or artistry.

I don’t know if that’s always possible in 140 characters or less. Embrace brevity, but don’t confuse a rule with the principles behind it.