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Jan 18

The new groupthink

Susan Cain, on the importance of solitude and privacy for working, learning, and creativity in a world obsessed with “collaboration”: Research strongly suggests that people […]

Jul 05

Impostor syndrome

My god, it’s real: The impostor syndrome, sometimes called impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome, is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize […]

Jul 01

The reason for reason

The New York Times: For centuries thinkers have assumed that the uniquely human capacity for reasoning has existed to let people reach beyond mere perception […]

Jun 21

Free, expression

Noam Chomsky: If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all. Also: The smart way […]

Jun 15

Another way to tell stories

From Display’s Collecting History: Collections tell stories. Often, they represent a personal narrative or reveal some interesting character traits of the collector […] Some collectors […]

Jun 09

Is “follow your passion” bad advice?

Contrarian, yet compelling opinion piece by Cal Newport: For the past couple years I’ve been advancing a controversial argument: “follow your passion” is bad advice. […]

Jun 09

The Fraud Police

Amanda Palmer: The Fraud Police are this imaginary, terrifying force of experts and real grown-ups who don’t exist and who come knocking on your door […]

Jun 06

The taskmaster premium

Seth Godin: We happily give up our freedom and our income in exchange for having someone else take responsibility for telling us what to do […]

Jun 02

Extracting insights from failure

Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer: Because setbacks are so common in truly important problems, people become disheartened unless they can point to some meaningful advance […]

Jun 02

Smart is in the preparation

A guy asked his friend, the writer David Foster Wallace, “Say, Dave, how’d y’get t’be so dang smart?” His answer: “I did the reading.” (via […]

Jun 01

The art of self-description

Michael Margolis, on writing your own bio: Even the most skilled communicators get tongue-tied and twisted when trying to represent themselves in writing. We fear […]

May 31

The bilingual advantage

Why using two languages on a regular basis may improve focus, multitasking ability, and help stave off Alzheimer’s.

May 30

Hardwired optimism

Tali Sharot, The Optimism Bias: Collectively we can grow pessimistic — about the direction of our country or the ability of our leaders to improve […]

May 26

The organization of self

James Shelley on how social media affects the individual: Paradoxically, human individuals can now interact with everything as if they themselves are organizations; descriptive, third-party […]

May 23

Unwritten rules of membership

Chris Guillebeau, on why he doesn’t consider himself a minimalist, a lifestyle designer, or location independent: Labels are used to put people in ideological boxes […]

May 20

“I just hugged the man that murdered my son.”

In 1993, Oshea Israel shot and killed Mary Johnson’s son. Today, the two have reconciled. They live next door to each other. And they’ve founded […]

May 18

Make things to find yourself

Austin Kleon: If I waited to know “who I was” or “what I was about” before I started “being creative”, well, I’d still be sitting […]

May 10

My place in the world

A friend asked me on Twitter: “What’s your promise to the world? What are you giving to your audience that no one else is?” Once […]

May 10

10 myths about introverts

A great list. Myth #6 – Introverts always want to be alone. Introverts are perfectly comfortable with their own thoughts. They think a lot. They […]

May 06

Is working together better than working alone?

Stowe Boyd writes: [Researcher Charles Walker] contrasted solitary activities — like singing alone, cooking alone, gardening alone — with their social analogues — joining a […]

May 05

Writer’s fuel

When I’m stuck, frustrated, and not in the mood to write, what helps the most is reading author blogs. Not writing blogs, mind you, the […]

May 04

On vengeance and the death of Bin Laden

In response to Bin Laden’s death, many people have been reminding us that death is not something to be celebrated and chastising us for taking […]

May 03

Curiosity vs. fundamentalism

Seth Godin: A fundamentalist is a person who considers whether a fact is acceptable to their faith before they explore it. That’s opposed to a […]

Apr 30

Describing yourself

I took the Twitter profile descriptions of a bunch of people I follow and plugged them into Wordle, a free service that lets you create […]

Apr 27

The benefits of written reflection

Teresa Amabile and Steve Kramer on the benefits of keeping a work diary: Experiments by psychologist James Pennebaker and others have revealed that writing about […]

Mar 31

Keep your goals to yourself

Conventional wisdom says that making your goals public motivates you to achieve them. Not so, says Derek Sivers: Tests done since 1933 show that people […]