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May 25

The Plain Writing Act

A law requiring government institutions to write in plain language. Signed into law last year and slated to take full effect in October 2011. Good […]

May 23

Unwritten rules of membership

Chris Guillebeau, on why he doesn’t consider himself a minimalist, a lifestyle designer, or location independent: Labels are used to put people in ideological boxes […]

May 19

Minimalist workspace porn

Dave Caolo defends the messy workspace: How tightly organized should I be? Enough to pass a white glove test? No. That’s not going to happen, […]

May 13

Simpler and shorter, without misinterpretation

Artist John T. Unger, on the brevity and usefulness of Twitter: Twitter’s largely my notebook for ideas. I get them down, see some feedback and […]

May 08

A quiet place to write

Beautiful piece by Ev Bogue: Somewhere to sit whenever the inspiration to write strikes. A coffee shop that’s quiet, with dependable Wifi, a good atmosphere, […]

Apr 26

Interesting is forever

I like what Cory Doctorow had to say on information overload and the shelf life of interesting content: It turned out that “overload” has a […]